Bunneh Baking is a Seattle area home-operated bakery, also known as a Cottage Food Operation. This is made possible by WA state’s Cottage Food Operations Law.

I can’t tell you which of my goodies is my favorite, as my answer will likely be whatever I made most recently, but I can tell you that my signature “bunnehcream” frosting is well worth trying! I hear from people all the time that they “don’t normally like cupcakes” or “usually scrape off the frosting,” but my cupcakes made all the difference for them. Check out the reviews here and on Facebook.

If you pick up your order at my bakery, just remember it is also my home. You’ll not only see evidence of our two cats, but you’ll also probably meet at least one of them. Please be assured that when I’m working, those adorable nuisances (and furry health hazards) are locked away in another room – as much as I’m sure they’d love to be allowed to “help.”

In October 2014, I began the long process of starting the bakery and getting all my necessary licenses and permits. You can read all about it on my blog:

Goin’ Legal – Pt 1
Goin’ Legal – Pt 2
Goin’ Legal – Pt 3: Extras

I’m so excited to be making this happen! Besides being an on-order bakery for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, football parties, office events, and any other occasion you can come up with, I also donate to dessert dashes for non-profit organizations’ auctions, and sometimes will have a booth in fairs, festivals, and other local events. Be sure to follow me on Facebook so you can find out where my treats will be next!

Cupcakes FrostingCookies Specialty Items

CUPCAKES  1 dozen regular, 2 dozen minis half dozen regular, 1 dozen minis
White cake $20 $12
Yellow cake $20 $12
Double chocolate $20 $12
Cookies ‘n’ Cream $20 $12
Carrot cake $20 $12
Pumpkin $20 $12
Spice cake $20 $12
Spiced apple cider $20 $12
Red velvet $20 $12
Blue velvet $20 $12
Mocha $20 $12
Snickerdoodle (without cookies)
(with cinnamon bunnehcream)
$20 $12
Tennessee honey whiskey
(with honey whiskey bunnehcream)
$25 $15
Dark chocolate stout $25 $15
Coconut (with coconut cream cheese) $25 $15
S’mores (with marshmallow creme) $25 $15
Strawberry $25 $15
Lemon $25 $15
Marble $25 $15
Snickerdoodle (with cookies) $30 $17
Chocolate peanut butter cup
(with peanut butter bunnehcream)
$30 (minis not available) $17 (minis not available)

Cupcakes FrostingCookies Specialty Items

Vanilla bunnehcream Chocolate bunnehcream
Cinnamon bunnehcream Cappuccino bunnehcream
Spiced apple cider bunnehcream Peanut butter bunnehcream
Strawberry bunnehcream Blackberry bunnehcream*
Vanilla cream cheese Dark chocolate chream cheese
Cinnamon cream cheese Marshmallow creme
*$5 additional cost

Cupcakes FrostingCookies Specialty Items

COOKIES 1 dozen
Snickerdoodles $15
Chocolate chip $15
Sugar cutouts (undecorated)
ask about cutout shapes
Sugar cutouts (decorated)
ask about cutout shapes
$20+ depends on decoration
Bunneh tails $15
Pumpkin $15
Molasses spice $15
Oatmeal chocolate chip $15
Oatmeal raisin $15
Chocoloate chip brownie $20
Red velvet white chocolate chip $20
Candy canes
(not peppermint flavored)
Chewy caramel $20

Cupcakes FrostingCookies Specialty Items

Apple bread – regular loaf (8.5″ x 4.5″) $20
Apple bread – mini loaf (5.5″ x 3″) $8
Spice tea mix, 8 oz jar $8
Marble bunnies (brownies), 1 dozen $20
Blonde bunnies (brownies), 1 dozen $15
New Orleans King Cake $70