Halloween Cupcakes 2015

This year I had a lot of fun coming up with new Halloween cupcake designs!

The first thing I wanted to do was a marble cake, but with orange instead of white. I used my regular white cake recipe and my double chocolate recipe and combined them – it was a lot of work, since I was doing two separate cake recipes, but they came out SO. YUMMY. From there, I went a little crazy with the decorating…



Boo! Delicious bunnehcream ghosts!


Witch hats


Mummies with chocolate bunnehcream faces, covered up in yummy vanilla bandages and spooky red eyes!


Innocent little pumpkins, perfect for a kids’ party


Candy corn cupcakes, made with yellow cake and topped with a candy corn – adorable!


Spooky spiderwebs made of vanilla candy melts


Spooky spiderwebs made of vanilla candy melts, and plastic spider rings for your guests to wear and enjoy


Halloween bat made from vanilla candy melts


Halloween bat made from vanilla candy melts


Trick or Treat dozen! 11 of these delicious cupcakes have a yummy Reese’s peanut butter cup treat inside… the 12th has a trick! A spicy chocolate? A plastic spider? One of your party guests will find out!


A “treat” cupcake, with a miniature Reese’s peanut butter cup inside


Have a happy and safe Halloween, Bunneh fans!

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