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WE ARE GROOT… again. 1

*Bunneh Test Kitchen* Last year, I made some baby Groot cupcakes just for kicks, because I saw some online and was inspired. This Halloween, I had some friends who were dressing up as Starlord and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, and dressing their baby as Rocket Raccoon. They asked if I would be willing […]


*Bunneh Test Kitchen; not for sale* First off, let me come clean: I didn’t come up with this idea myself. Someone posted a picture on Facebook of someone else’s cupcakes, which led me to this site detailing a few other folks’ efforts. Well. Just because they did it first doesn’t mean I can’t do it, […]

Birthday Cookies 1

Recently it was a friend’s birthday… he claimed he’s too old for birthdays, but since he also admitted he’s not too old for cookies, I insisted we compromise. I gave him cookies for “a random day in January.” His favorite cookies are gingerbread. At Christmas, M&Ms released a very limited run of gingerbread M&Ms. By […]